Welcome to The Gathering!

Food spiced with hand-picked herbs cooks over a nearby open fire as someone sits nålebinding new  headwear before the oncoming winter arrives, her Viking-age kirtle shifting in the summer breeze.

Axes tame fallen logs in preparation for a new building, a shelter to store food and supplies while plans are laid out for a Mongolian yurt.

This is the Gathering, a troupe of re-enactors who educate, demonstrate, and discover the ways of the people of the ancient world, namely those once termed “barbarians”, all within a completely immersive encampment of our own construction. Workshops, lectures, stories from the old days, and more are given for free* to the patrons of the New York Renaissance Faire and the Gathering’s members.  Unique about the encampment is the varied cultures and nationalities represented, each with their own story to tell and lessons to teach.

Join the Gathering and be a part of history!


Year One – The Settlement

As this is our inauguration as a new installation courtesy of the New York Renaissance Faire, what we’ve termed “Year One” concentrates on the settlement of this new land.  Take part in the creation of a new village where the concentration is on that of survival: food, shelter, and clothing are our primary projects where we discover how the people of old constructed shelters, ovens for baked goods, cooked foods over fires, and knitting or leather work for clothing. Ask the inhabitants of the Gathering what they’re doing, or better yet be one of them!

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*Admission to the New York Renaissance Faire is required and is a separate purchase available at the Faire’s box office located at 600 Route 17A, Tuxedo Park, NY 10987, or  online at http://www.renfair.com/ny/tickets/index.asp.  Certain workshops may provide tools or materials with which participants may construct or learn hands-on certain crafts they may take home upon completion.  These workshops may carry an entry fee to cover the cost of materials.  These workshop entry fees are not covered by the price of admission to the New York Renaissance Faire nor other offerings outside of membership within the Gathering.  All fees are listed with the individual workshops.

The Gathering is not affiliated with, maintained by, or in any way officially connected with Renaissance Entertainment Productions or any of its business units. New York Renaissance Faire is a trademark of Renaissance Entertainment Productions. The Gathering is owned and operated by Raven’s Head Productions.